Chairman Stuart Clarkson Overall management of the Estuary Care Committee, meetings and membership role.

Liaising with National and Local Government organisations.

Overseeing of the preservation of indigenous vegetation along the bank of the Kariega Estuary and the quality of towpaths and paths.

Vice-Chairperson Dave Curren  
Treasurer Ted Gilfillan Overall management of the finances.
Communication Trish Milliken Sourcing and collating information for our website, newsletters, notices and relevant Estuary Care information.
Ward 4 Committee Chester Wilmot Representing Estuary Care on the Ward 4 Committee.  Advising and assisting with relevant structural work and management of different projects.  Liaising with various stakeholders.
Secretary Vacant Minutes secretary.

Representing Estuary Care on the Two Rivers Environmental Group.

Property Issues Stuart Clarkson Keeping a watchful eye on property development.
Water Quality of both Estuaries Stuart Clarkson Monitoring and measuring water quality of both Estuaries and interaction with interested groups.
Estuaries Signage David Curran Managing signage on both Estuaries.
Angling Activities David Curran Managing and reporting on fishing and bait harvesting activities on both Estuaries.
Community Police Forum Dot Cohead Liaison with Community Police Forum and Estuary Care representative on Kenton Ratepayers Association.
Liaison with other organisations and oversight of indigenous vegetation Daphne MacNeill Representing Estuary Care on the Environmental Co-ordination Group which is the umbrella organisation for the Kariega Project, Sustainable Seas Trust, Ndlambe Municipality Conservation, Rotary Conservation.

Oversight of the preservation of indigenous vegetation along the bank of the Boesmans Estuary and the quality of towpaths and paths.

Amatola Water Board Dirk Meiring On-going liaising with Amatola Water Board.
Infrastructure & Projects Nick Albrightson Undertaking repairs and upgrading structural work on jetties, slipways, towpaths and paths.