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We care for our Estuaries – the heart of our community

Our mission

To ensure responsible and sustainable preservation and use of the Boesmans and Kariega Estuaries and their tributaries and environs from their source to their mouths and the adjacent coastal area.

What we do

Our Estuaries are irreplaceable and must be managed carefully to the mutual benefit for all to enjoy, and to those who depend on them. It is imperative that we protect and care for them.

Recent articles from our blog

Appeal to stop buying bait from informal vendors

Appeal to stop buying bait from informal vendors

One of the consequences of the Covid Lockdown and resulting unemployment crisis has been a significant escalation in the number of subsistence fisherman using both the Boesmans and Kariega Estuaries on a daily basis.

Plastic pollution

Plastic pollution

The article below which gives background to the ‘Towards Zero Plastics to the Seas of Africa’ conference is informative and thought provoking. Thank you Dr Tony Ribbink of Sustainable Seas Trust.

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