It is the time of year again when Kenton and Boesmans fill up with visitors and both estuaries are put to maximum use. Please be aware of and abide by the rules for using a boat on the estuaries.  Make sure you have the relevant licenses and are aware of the different demarcated zones.

Boat licenses are obtainable from the Municipal Offices in Kenton.  The different fishing licenses are obtainable from the Post Office.

Recreational users on both estuaries make a day outing of their trips up the estuary. Included in this is the practice of finding a spot on the bank which is used as a base for water sport activity as well as picnicking. People who do this need to be aware that above the high water mark they are likely to be trespassing on private property and need to behave appropriately e.g., preferably don’t light a fire and make sure you remove your litter.