Mr Willem Nel, the Ndlambe Environmental Law Officer has asked us to share the following information.
All queries should be directed to Mr Nel.

  1. Boat licenses are due and have been since the 1st July 2020 for the new financial year 2020-2021.
  2. The licenses are available at the Ndlambe KOS Finance office and for the interim, the Environmental Compliance Office in Port Alfred.
  3. Please tell or get the word out that the license must be placed on the Port side of the boats. If you sit in your boat facing forward, on your left-hand side and clearly visible for inspection when passing by.
  4. Renewal of buoy applications run concurrently with the boat licenses. Same period, 1st July to 30th June yearly.
  5. If you wish to not renew your buoy permit, please inform us and remove your buoy/anchor and chain immediately. There are other boaters who request a place for their boats, especially in the Bushman’s river.
  6. If buoys are not renewed and are illegal by the end of September 2020, they will be removed and handed in at SAPS KOS.  This applies to all buoys and in any or all rivers/estuaries. Further, please ensure that your buoy is clearly marked with the buoy number provided. If the buoy number is not visible, the buoy will be taken as illegal.

Kind regards.

Environmental Law Officer (Environmental Compliance)
Ph:   046 604 5602 – Direct line
Ph:   046 604 5527 – Admin office
Cell: 082 388 4600