You might recall that Marcella Marinelli’s plaque above Shelly Bay was relocated last year.

As a follow up our Chairman, Ted Gilfillan who is a committee member of the Bushman’s Kariega Trust (BKT) reports that:

The committee of the Bushman’s Kariega Trust first managed to make contact with Franco Marinelli (Shelley Marinelli’s father) in December 2018. We learnt that he planned to visit South Africa during 2019 and asked him to bring a new ceramic photograph of Shelley since the original had been defaced.

He arrived here in September and Gill Fogarty, Daphne McNeill and I took him to see the plaque.  He handed over the new picture of Shelley which Daphne has subsequently fixed on to the plaque.

 Franco wrote to thank us:

Dear Ted, 

I am arrived well in Johannesburg. I wish to thank all of you for the great welcoming and the assistance given to me. Without you I could not make possible to visit again Shelley memory place. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. I hope to be able to come again. 

My deepest regards. 


 Franco lives (in retirement) in a village SENIGALLIA on the East coast of Italy a bit south of LORETTA.

From left to right:  Ted Gilfillan, Dot Cohead, Gil Fogarty, Franco Marinelli, Daphne McNeill

Franco holding Shelley’s plaque