Dave Curran continues to coordinate the team of volunteers who transport members of the Department of Environment, Forestry & Fisheries (DEFF) on inspection trips up both estuaries.  Unfortunately, DEFF wardens are not available during December because of other demands on their time. Dave has undertaken the management of signage in the estuaries and he reports that the Boesmans Estuary rock marker recently broke loose. It was recovered and he and Don Thomson anchored it back in place.

Inspection trip up the estuary

Don Thomson at the rock marker

Nick Albrightson has undertaken maintenance and repairs along our towpaths.  He has collected and supervised the collection of litter in and around Kenton and Boesmans, including along the R72 and he and his volunteers have installed a number of benches in various positions around Kenton.

Not all Estuary Care committee members are mentioned here but every member performs an active and significant role in looking after our estuaries and surrounding environments.