Fixing the Marina Slipway

Dec 1, 2020 | News

In November an Estuary Care team of Chester Wilmot, Dennis Dallas, Nick Albrightson, and Stuart Clarkson together with Vuyo Nyumka and Shaun Kwekwani from the Marina worked over a number of days to repair the Marina Slipway.  They filled hessian sacks, neatly sewn by hand on site, with concrete which they then moved into position where the edge of the original slipway joins the estuary.

From Left to right: Stuart Clarkson, Dennis Dallas, Chester Wilmot. Creating a sack to fill with concrete

Concrete being laid

Barge pulling the concrete sacks into place

Chester (left) and Stuart (right) placing the concrete sacks.

While the current situation is far better than it was before, the job has not been completed due to the impact of Covid on our team and that work will be completed as soon as our team is once again back up to strength and the spring low tides give us suitable access to the slipway.